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A friend in need…

Posted by mynormas on February 4, 2014

Managing a golf club is difficult and expensive. Maintaining a golf course or field is challenging. I’ve been there, done that and would like to share my experiences: hence this website, a couple of books that I’m working on and a consultancy.

Its a pity some clubs practice the saying “a consultant is someone called in at the last minute to share the blame” to the extreme, because though my charges are considered expensive by Malaysian standards, getting it wrong is an even more expensive and embarrassing.  And boy, have I seen some major lessons.

From bad choice of grass (I wouldn’t call it ‘wrong grass’, just ‘bad choice’) to expensive selection of machinery to dead grass, I’ve seen them all.

I don’t do cheap and I rarely give discounts. What I do give, is free service. Yes.  Free. But only one time. Not even transport cost if you are in the Klang Valley or in the general area of where I will be if outside the Klang Valley. One day or one inspection round (I don’t play  during work).

Some days what you or your people need is just a second opinion, or even a third one when there is conflict. I can do that.

Why am I making this offer? Well, a friend faced a major problem today and we communicated. I could feel the relief he felt being able to discuss with someone sincere and


not trying to sell him anything.  Did I solve his problem? He did it himself, I just facilitated his reasoning with stuff that he already has in his store.

What’s in it for me? It felt good. It felt good because I helped a friend. It felt good because I had a hand in making one golf course better. It felt good because I learnt a new thing or two.

So go ahead. Give me a call. Or email me. Or if you are embarrassed, get a temporary Yahoo or Gmail email under a fake name and write a question on this website so others can benefit or even contribute. If you email me under a fake name, I may take my time to reply and chances are, I will put it up on this website anyway.

My email for Q&A is mynormasATconsultant.com (replacing the AT with @) and my Malaysian office number is o3 5131 oo66. Do let it ring, we do a lot of field work and the call will be transferred to a mobile phone if no one picks up.

Oh… if you have any special requests for a topic to discuss or write about (because you want to show it to someone) that can work too. Maybe. It depends on the relevance and my time.

So good luck and Happy New Year!


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My TV interview in 2009

Posted by mynormas on January 25, 2012

I was interviewed on  TV3’s Malaysia Hari Ini in 2009.

In case you were wondering, in the interview; with regard to the jokes about “Pakar Rumput yang Perkasa”; just before the camera started rolling, the interviewer teased me about being a ‘pakar rumput’ (turf expert) to which I replied “I’m still macho” or words to that effect, to which she said “The macho turf expert” and translated it to “Pakar Rumput yang Perkasa” which sounds weird/funny.

This is actually my second TV ‘appearance’. I actually was interviewed for an hour by another TV3 programme about football (soccer) in 2007 which was shown after the midnight news. I did not ask/receive a copy of the interview. It was about football fields in Malaysia. The producer has since left TV3.

I’ve even misplaced this CD once and thought that I’ve lost this one too. As soon as I found it, I uploaded it on Youtube and you can watch it here:

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Golf Malaysia: An interview.

Posted by mynormas on November 25, 2011

In November 2011 issue of Golf Malaysia, I talked about why golf courses (this applies to homeowners too) who don’t think they can’t afford high maintenance cost in the future, should stick to local grasses.  Why bother spending so much money buying and growing in imported grasses during the initial construction – or renovation – and then let it all go to waste in the next five years due to poor maintenance? I know:- some people will argue that “the grasses are actually not imported, we bought/got them from a neighbour” but it is still grasses that came from overseas and require high maintenance.

But why not plant local grasses or grasses that have adapted to local conditions that will require cheaper maintenance? After all, the first part of Integrated Pest Management is about selecting the right plant for the location.

It is a long interview. What you see here is only the 1st page. Get your copy at the newsstand and most respectable golf clubs or Pro-shop. Or go to http://www.golfmalaysia.com.my to subscribe.

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