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Golf Malaysia: An interview.

Posted by mynormas on November 25, 2011

In November 2011 issue of Golf Malaysia, I talked about why golf courses (this applies to homeowners too) who don’t think they can’t afford high maintenance cost in the future, should stick to local grasses.  Why bother spending so much money buying and growing in imported grasses during the initial construction – or renovation – and then let it all go to waste in the next five years due to poor maintenance? I know:- some people will argue that “the grasses are actually not imported, we bought/got them from a neighbour” but it is still grasses that came from overseas and require high maintenance.

But why not plant local grasses or grasses that have adapted to local conditions that will require cheaper maintenance? After all, the first part of Integrated Pest Management is about selecting the right plant for the location.

It is a long interview. What you see here is only the 1st page. Get your copy at the newsstand and most respectable golf clubs or Pro-shop. Or go to to subscribe.


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