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Trees and Pokok Nursery

Grass on its own is of not much aesthetic use without some trees. Or maybe you just want some, or a lot of trees. Please take your pick from here. There’s many more choices too. Located close to Port Klang, which will lower your transport cost – if you are close to the Klang Valley of course.

Anda perlukan pokok? Pokok yang banyak? Kami ada nursery yang berada hampir dengan pelabuhan Klang yang akan mengurangkan kos pengangkutan untuk tapak anda di Lembah Klang.

Hubungi kami di nurserypokok@gardener.com

Page 1 of nursery

Page 3 of nursery

Page 4 of nursery

List of trees at nursery

List 2 of nursery

Contact us at nurserypokok@gardener.com for more info.

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