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TV interview in 2009

I was interviewed on  TV3’s Malaysia Hari Ini in 2009.

In case you were wondering, in the interview; with regard to the jokes about “Pakar Rumput yang Perkasa”; just before the camera started rolling, the interviewer teased me about being a ‘pakar rumput’ (turf expert) to which I replied “I’m still macho” or words to that effect, to which she said “The macho turf expert” and translated it to “Pakar Rumput yang Perkasa” which sounds weird/funny.

This is actually my second TV ‘appearance’. I actually was interviewed for an hour by another TV3 programme about football (soccer) in 2007 which was shown after the midnight news. I did not ask/receive a copy of the interview. It was about football fields in Malaysia. The producer has since left TV3.

I’ve even misplaced this CD once and thought that I’ve lost this one too. As soon as I found it, I uploaded it on Youtube and you can watch it here:


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