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This website is designed to be a reference point for Malaysian turfgrass, golf club or field issues. It can be the place for discussion or a source for information. Laman web ini adalah di tulis di dalam dua bahasa; English and Bahasa Malaysia. Jika padang golf atau padang bola anda perlukan nafas baru: hubungi saya. Saya buat kerja penambahbaikan, penyelenggaraan, latihan dan juga kerja baikpulih melalui pengudaraan tanah, topdress dan sebagainya.

Saya adalah seorang konsultan rumput dan padang yang berpengalaman dalam memperbaiki padang dan melatih pekerja menjaga padang.


Some samples of my work in Golf course and Football field improvements:



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field training

I teach the finer aspects of golf club or football field management.

Speaking and Seminars

Jika anda mempunyai green padang golf yang bermasalah atau padang bola yang memalukan anda; hubungi saya.
















Who are you?

My name is Normas Yakin, I am a Malaysian and my expertise is turfgrass and golf club management. Whether on a golf course, a football field, landscaping or at home; I can be the solution to your turfgrass, golf club or field problems.

How can you help me to maintain my golf course for the long term?

Finding and appointing a qualified golf course superintendent or a groundsman for your fields can be difficult and expensive in Malaysia. What you can do is either to get a fresh graduate with the proper qualifications or you could promote from within and hire me to work with him/her the first year. In the second year or next six months, I could just assist from afar and following that; I am only a phone call away. Ditto football field. Maybe it is time you learn the right way to manage a football field?

My golf course/football field used to be fine, but lately it seems to have more problems than those days. How can you help?

Its quite common. Many things can happen. Usually its because foreign grass (aka weeds) have set in. Sometimes its because drainage have clogged. Sometimes the trees have grown or changes in management/maintenance have caused the course/field to change. Once in a while, the staff (and even the regular players) did not change and somehow has become accustomed or immuned to what would be considered bad elsewhere. A fresh set of eyes may be needed.Or perhaps, a new problem has surfaced.

Tolong! Padang saya telah di tenggelami air, boleh kah ia di selamatkan?

Tentu boleh. Buang selut dan sampah atas rumput, tembak dengan air atau tunggu hujan lebat dan tolak air supaya selut di bawa keluar (awas petir/kilat). Selepas beberapa bulan, lakukan pengudaraan secara ‘hollow-tine’  dan gantikan dengan pasir baru. JANGAN  topdress sebelum itu. Baca lebih lanjut lagi dalam laman web ini.

Well, my course/field wants to do some renovation, and we are going to do it in-house to save cost or we have hired a well-known architect/contractor to do it; how can you help?

Considering the amount of money you are going to spend on the renovation, not to mention closure and members’ goodwill, I’m sure you agree that it pays to have a third party opinion first. I am sure you agree it is worth spending a few thousand to ensure the few hundred thousand or the few million is well spent, kan?

I’m going to spend a lot of money on purchases next year. How can you help?

I can help you plan your purchases and I can help with the specifications or even as a third-party giving unbiased opinions.

What about at the club level, can you assist?

Of course, the last quarter of my career has been devoted to managing clubs and I renovated two clubhouses along the way as well as reestablished two other clubs. I’d be glad – and qualified – to help.

My problems are limited and I need you only for a short term. Can we work something out?

Sure! If I’m heading that direction, I don’t mind dropping by. Just buy me lunch or perhaps provide me with accomodation; I don’t mind giving free advice at all, but sometimes you may need regular once a fortnight visits for the next two months, that may cost a bit more than an annual contract. Paid upfront. Sorry, beginning 26 January 2018, which happens to be my birthday, this free, pro-bono offer will cease. Happy Birthday to me!

Wait, what? You are not cheap?

Of course not. Would you pay as much attention to me if I was cheap? Or would you trust me, if I was? I mean, you want me to give you advice on maintaining your million-dollar golf course on peanuts? Or golf rounds? I am a free-lancer, and I make it a policy that I do not tell you what or where to purchase. That’s why I’m not cheap. However, some clubs do choose to ask their regular supplier to pay for my services or it was the supplier who brought me in to resolve some dispute; in which case, I would be recommending products from this supplier, if available and applicable. 

Call me at o3 5II 3353. And let it ring, it will be transferred to a mobile phone if no one picks up at the office

Call me at o3 5131 oo66. And let it ring, it will be transferred to a mobile phone if no one picks up at the office

Contact him at mynormasATconsultant.com (replacing the AT with @ of course). Or call o3 5131oo66

A few articles have been written about me, one actually calling me a “Pakar Rumput” or Turf Expert, you can read them here and I have won some award and some of the clubs I’ve worked in have won awards too. I’ve even been on TV a few times.

TV interviews and press write-ups about me as (what they call) 'Turf Expert'

TV interviews and press write-ups about me as (what they call) ‘Turf Expert’









If you are looking to improve your golf course, golf club or football field; or you want to ensure that the money you are going to spend will be worth it or in other words; if you are tired of excuses and complaints and suspicions, you can contact him at mynormasATconsultant.com or o3- 5131 oo66 (and let it ring. Plus be reminded the o=0).

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