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Bahagian-bahagian rumput

Shoot (pucuk) – terdiri dari batang tengah yang pendek, dengan daun atau batang yang keluar dari nod yang berturutan.  Ini adalah unit rumput turf yang utama.

Batang – (a) Badan utama suatu tumbuhan yang mungkin dalam bentuk internod yang pendek dengan nod-nod yang rapat-rapat; ini juga dipanggil sebagai “crown”.  Dan/Atau (b) internod panjang yg tumbuh mendatar diselangi oleh nod; dipanggil juga “stolon” atau “rhizom”. Atau (c) internod panjang yang tumbuh menegak dan berakhir dengan  infloresens (bunga). Bahagian (c) ini juga dipanggil “culm”.

Nod – Bahagian bersendi atau bengkak suatu batang yang mengandungi tisu meristematik dimana daun, akar atau cabang tumbuh.

Internod – Bahagian batang diantara dua nod yang berturutan.  Memotong suatu internod, contohnya melalui verticutting, akan merangsang nod-nod di kedua bleah untuk mengeluarkan pucuk dan akar baru.

Daun – Pertumbuhan dari batang, terdiri dari lai-daun (blade) yang leper dan bahagian bawahnya (sheath) yang mengelilingi batang.  Struktur utama yang mengandungi klorofil.

Sheath, daun – bahagian bawah daun yang berbentuk tiub mengelilingi batang. Mengandungi sedikit klorofil.

Stolon – pucuk sekunder (secondary) yang tumbuh mendatar di atas permukaan tanah.
Fungsi :-
– menyebarkan pertumbuhan rumput
– kekuatan sod
– simpanan tenaga dalam bentuk karbohidrat
– stolon dijadikan bahan untuk menanam secara stolonize

Rhizom – pucuk sekunder yang tumbuh secara mendatar di bawah permukaan tanah.
Fungsi :-
– menyebarkan pertumbuhan rumput
– kekuatan sod
– simpanan tenaga dalam bentuk karbohidrat
– potensi pemulihan yang lebih baik
– rhizom dijadikan bahan untuk menanam secara sprig dan/atau stolonize
– peluang hidup dari keadaan dorman – yang disebabkan oleh sejuk, panas atau kemarau – lebih baik.

Infloresens – bahagian bunga suatu tumbuhan.

9 Responses to “Bahagian-bahagian rumput”

  1. Do you supply cow grass seeds.


  2. I am from Miri Sarawak. They sell the grass by the sob here but i need to plant on my 5 acres of land.


    • mynormas said

      Sorry late reply Ricky, my advise would be for you to do your land bit by bit. Buy sod for a quarter of an acre. Then used that to expand to half acre. After a few months expand that to one acre. Then two acres, then four acres. It would be slower but cheaper and you also control the quality. I guess by one year you would complete everything. After all, nak clear 5 acres of land in one shot also a lot of work.


  3. acid said

    macamana nak jadi penanam turfgrass ni atau nak beli dia?


  4. mynormas said

    Mr. Lee, I have given your email address to at least three people. I will delete those posts and this one too after a few days, sorry. I have a policy of no free advertising on this website. Where is your nursery? What kind of grass do you have? Are they in good condition? Can I inspect them? If they are, then we can meet and perhaps work something out. But only if the grass and nursery is well-maintained. I have no nursery of my own.


  5. Mrs K said

    How do I get rid of weeds on my lawn? I have about 1,300sq feet of residential lawn, maybe more. Two types of grass grows on it as well but more interested in getting rid of the weeds. What type of products is safe to use? Where can I buy them pls? Tq..


    • mynormas said

      Well madam, there are a few types of herbicide for a few categories of weeds. For example, for broadleaf weeds (this is weeds that has leaves that look like the leaf on trees); there are Ally are Almix. For sedges(these are ugly, tall and have hard stems); there are Image and Almix too. There are a few more stronger ones but those would need spcialized staff and equipment.
      For the record, I do not recommend the use of chemical by houseowners. Weeds usually grow when the place is unsuitable for grass e.g. shaded, or wet or too hot and not enough irrigation. So weeds that can survive in those conditions will prevail.
      By the way, usually shops that sell plantation or estate equipment may sell these herbicides.


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