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Shade & Serangoon

Posted by mynormas on December 8, 2014

I found a tee that was almost completely shaded by trees. I was told this has been the case for a few years.


In my experience, in most cases, the tee would have been in poor condition, but not this tee.
Upon closer inspection and after asking the Superintendent, I was told that the tee – in fact the golf course – was planted with Serangoon grass (I believe its Digitaria didactyla). This strengthens my belief about the shade tolerance of Serangoon. There is a bit of browning and scalping on the surface which I believe are due to Philippine grass  (Zoysia tenuifolia?) planted there when they enlarged the tee.
Both grass are a lighter green in colour compared to Bermuda and Cowgrass.


On the left is Serangoon, on the right is Zoysia.

It is a pity that the only nursery I know of that sold Serangoon has replanted it with Bermuda and golf courses that has Serangoon greens are rumoured to be contemplating to change to other grasses. I hope it is not about following a trend. I also hope that, in this context, they think about their shade issues too.

Baru baru ini saya terjumpa sebuah tee (org Malaysia kata tee-box) yg hampir terlindung sepenuhnya oleh pokok. Ini bukan perkara baru tapi selalu nya saya perhatikan rumput di tee yg terlindung akan bermasalah rumput yg terlindung akan kurang makan kerana kurang photosynthesis dan akan memanjangkan daun utk mencari matahari dan memendekkan pertumbuhan akar utk menjimat tenaga.


Tapi di tee ini, rumput ini subur walaupun sudah bertahun tidak di baja.
Saya di beritahu tee ini di tanam dengan rumput Serangoon yg memang di kenali sebagai rumput yg ‘shade tolerant’. Ia juga di campur dengan rumput Philippine sewaktu tee di besar kan saiznya.
Adalah malang sekali jika kita kehilangan species rumput tempatan ini kerana satu satu nya nursery yg menjual Serangoon sudah tidak lagi menjual nya. Dan padang golf yg mempunyai green Serangoon di khabar kan akan menukar kepada rumput lain.  Kita memang suka benda benda import ni kan? Rumput, kereta, baja, consultant…
Apa pun saya harap mereka ambil perhatian tentang kawasan terlindung di padang mereka. Jangan menyesal kemudian…

example of tees suffering under shade
Contoh contoh tee yg rosak akibat teduhan (examples of tees damaged due to shade)


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