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Hot and kering

Posted by mynormas on February 23, 2015

The Malaysian Meteorological Department has issued a statement that the current hot and dry spell in Malaysia will last until end of March 2015. 
That’s 30 over days away. Bearing in mind that some parts of Malaysia haven’t had rain since a couple of weeks ago, the question to ask is; do you have enough irrigation water to last for the next 30 days? Or maybe even longer?
It would be good to know early so that you may want to start rationing, look for other sources of water or perhaps look around for other alternatives to making your irrigation more effective and efficient. You know, wetting agent, better sprinklers or even an irrigation audit. I’ve heard of claims that a slight increase in Kalium (thats Potassium to you Americans) will help in retaining water but don’t quote me.

Jabatan Meteorologi Malaysia telah mengeluarkan kenyataan tentang cuaca panas dan kering sekarang akan berlanjutan hingga akhir Mac 2015. Ini adalah lebih dari 30 hari dari hari ini.
Adakah kita mempunyai air yg cukup utk menyiram hingga April?
Jika tidak, kita mungkin perlu mencatu air, mencari sumber lain ataupun alternative lain seperti agen pembasah (wetting agent) audit sistem pengairan dan sebagai nya. 
Selamat Mencuba!




2 Responses to “Hot and kering”

  1. Adding more K won’t help, unless the soil is deficient in K. Adding more K than the grass can use may even reduce the plant’s ability to resist drought.


    Applying nitrogen and potassium in a 2:1 ratio almost guarantees that the grass will have enough K. With seashore paspalum, apply 1:1. And don’t apply too much N because that increases the grass demand for water.

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