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matrella rumput stadium?

Posted by mynormas on November 6, 2014

For the record, some guy from Bernama called me while I was having lunch on Tuesday. It was rather noisy.

Dia kata to rectify current Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil problem, PSM/the management tak tahu either nak tukar rumput to Cowgrass or nak pecah bumbung (coz not enough sunlight), I said there is a 3rd option, which is to use grow light like in Europe. But to choose which is best option, will be about costs, so “kena tanya accountant lah ha ha ha”. Dia pun gelak. I sambung;
“By the way, bukan sahaja Cowgrass, Zoysia matrella pun shade tolerant jugak”. He asked for the spelling, I told him and that was that. I did not mean to suggest Zoysia matrella per se.

From the beginning I insisted that I cannot comment on the specifics of the stadium field’s problems but only in general; maintenance and turf issues. Because I wasn’t involved and don’t know the details.

Yet, I will admit that the facts are right, it is also sometimes known as Manila grass, it has lower maintenance needs in some aspects, and when pressed by the reporter, I did say I would choose option 1 – to change the grass.

Why, because I believe that if it is a different grass, we can then use the field for multiple events and not just football. I know, I’m going against popular opinion but let me assure you that if the field is used ONLY for football 1. The stadium will be a waste of space and 2. You will wear the same places out faster (penalty box, kickoff spot, and linesman’s rut) as compared to spreading the wear and tear over many other places if it is used for other activities. 3. Bear in mind that whether we use the stadium or not, we still have to cut the grass, fertilise it etc. Its not like the stadium building where we can switch off the lights and leave it till the next event. 4. Most importantly, the field is designed to bear the weight of one person at any point on its surface. So, whether its 22 people or 22,000, if each person only occupies his/her personal space, the field can take it.




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