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Concert in stadiums

Posted by mynormas on August 26, 2013

Ok jer? (Nota: bukan di Bukit Jalil ATAUPUN di  Malaysia.

Ok jer?
(Nota: Ini bukan di Bukit Jalil ATAUPUN di Malaysia.

Kenapa tak boleh? Asalkan stadium tu di design untuk itu maka saya tak nampak kenapa tak boleh. Stadium satu kegunaan adalah kemewahan; kalau mampu bagus; kalau tak mampu, lebih baik kita buat dari awal lagi stadium itu pelbagai-guna.

Apa guna buat stadium besar dan hebat tapi tiada duit atau hanya mengharapkan bantuan dana untuk maintenance? Dana yang datang hanya pada tahun ada pilihan raya? Lebih baik spend a little more untuk dapatkan stadium yang boleh di sewakan kepada orang ramai untuk pelbagai guna. Sebahagian (contohnya 10%) dari keuntungan setiap bulan mesti di simpan dalam suatu tabung yang akan di gunakan untuk memperbaik stadium setiap 8-10 tahun.

Kalau kita ada stadium yang hanya akan digunakan untuk bola sahaja; termasuk untuk ‘sesi latihan’ mungkin keseluruhan padang tak rosak tapi saya boleh jamin yang rosak dan lebih susah di baiki ialah depan pintu gol, tengah-tengah bulatan padang dan juga tempat penjaga garisan lari.

I read with interest the views and comments from various quarters with regards to the current state of football field maintenance in the country.

The golf course industry has a head start in the maintenance of turfgrass in Malaysia and perhaps there are some lessons to be learnt; choice of grass, cultural practice, grass cutting and multi-use.

First of all, the type of grass to be planted is important. There are three important criteria to think about when choosing grass: 1. Location; how much sunlight does it get? Is it a water-logged area? 2. What will it be used for; is it for aesthetics? Is it for rough and rugged use? And 3. What is the cost or level of maintenance that can be afforded to be spent on the field in future?

Maintenance of turfgrasses are beyond grass cutting or fertilizing or even just the occasional ‘hollow-tining’. There is a category of work called ‘cultural practice’ which includes aeration, mowing, topdressing, vertical-cutting and irrigation that is often ignored by football fields. There needs to be a regular schedule for these activities.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports started a regular panel discussion on the curriculum for the training of groundskeepers with input from various quarters for the past few years. I’m sure when it is implemented; there will be more people with knowledge about field maintenance. Even grass cutting isn’t as easy as it sounds.

My opinion somewhat differs from most; I do not strongly feel that football stadiums should be limited to football matches. At least not until our football associations actually have enough funds to maintain the fields. Let’s face it; can the authorities financially afford to have single use fields? If we can; well and good. If we can’t; let’s design (or redesign) the field to be multipurpose from the start. I think we’d rather have a well utilized field with enough funds to do proper maintenance than have a field reserved for the occasional football match but no money to maintain it; Barcelona may still refuse to play there.

Seriously, to earn extra income, even if we rent the field for football training or local football games, it will just wreck areas of focus like the penalty spot and in front of the goalmouth. Renting the field for a march past or a ‘demonstration’ will be safer for the field since they would stay away from football’s area of focus. Will 100,000 people damage the field? I’d say not on a well built field. A field will be designed to support the weight of a robust and aggressive person wearing shoes with studs. One person will take up as much space and put the same pressure whether he is a footballer or a demonstrator or marcher. Whether it is a 22-person football match or a 100,000-person show of support; any one person will only step on the one amount of field at any one time.The field is not like a bridge or building where the combined weight will have to be supported by a beam, foundation or certain parts of the building. Concerts? The field must be designed for it. Whats most damaging to the grass is the sunlight denied to it by any equipment put on it for any amount of time longer than one day (depending on types of grass); they can’t do photosynthesis.

A combination of the most suitable grass, scheduled maintenance, regular cultural practice and enough funds for machinery, knowledge and other inputs will ensure our football fields will improve, even if our footballers don’t.


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