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Greens Improvement (kau ada?)

Posted by mynormas on August 16, 2013

Big change - God willing

In 5 months

These pictures show 3 greens now and 6 months prior me becoming their consultant.

Last March a club called and asked for help in improving their greens. I visited the club today (August) and the boss and committee chairman were happy.

I told them in March I could try – God willing – to make some changes. I proposed that I come by once a month to check and give them a schedule on what to do for the next one month. They are of course, not really interested if all I were to do is to recommend some magic formula or machinery which they won’t need a consultant for; they can get many suppliers to give them free advice on that.

In fact, just a couple of months before that they had already spent on a few hundred thousands of ringgit to buy machinery – one of which is sitting idle in the workshop because it was too big for them.

What they want was advice on how to improve the greens without having to reconstruct and/or spend too much money. Actually, they thought they’re paying me too much and don’t want to pay for anything else at all.

The Course Supervisor was friendly but defensive. They had a manager in March but he left in April and they have not replaced him to date.

They agreed to my fee (which, considering the small size of the club, did surprise me a bit) but they wanted something extra. They want a PowerPoint Presentation for the Big Boss every time I visit. Once a month? For the fee I charge? Of course I said “yes”.

So once a month I would spend a day going round with the Supervisor, prepare a presentation that night and first thing the next day, do a presentation for Dato’. He was a rags-to-riches businessman who spoke little English so I had to speak plainly with no jargon.

The Supervisor eventually was quite supportive of me because he can see that I was always on his side by giving him credit for whatever good that happened on the course. He also saw that I not only told him what to do and how; but I also told him the whys and the alternatives. I also did not pushed any chemicals or fertilizers on him. I gave him the specs and formulation and he found them himself.

When I met Dato’ today I was imagining that my contract was going to be shortened since I had already met the challenges posed earlier (I need to relook at that escape clause in my agreement); but surprisingly, he asked me to come more often (like, twice a week?!) so that I can help him with the overall management!

That’s nice of him. But I probably will turn that down. Enough club management for me. I love improving greens and managing grass. People and members? Not so much.

Mar to Aug

Mar to Aug

Not just these 3 greens; all greens there show improvement.

Not just these 3 greens; all greens there show improvement.


2 Responses to “Greens Improvement (kau ada?)”

  1. awang alifah said

    cantik lah kawasan green tu.. dengki tgok. saya try buat green juga kat dekat umah siap letak bendera lagi. tp rumput kat situ campur campur. apa rumput green yang paling murah boleh kit dapat kat malaysia ni yek?


    • mynormas said

      Saya tak cadangkan rumput green di tanam di kawasan rumah. Ia memerlukan pemotongan sehari sekali ataupun seminggu 6 kali. Baja 2 minggu sekali, pengudaraan 2 kali setahun, pengawalan penyakit dsb. Try rumput artificial. Kos mula mungkin mahal tapi ia hampir tiada kos penjagaan.


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