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Greens Improvement

Posted by mynormas on March 21, 2019

I started consulting for this Malaysian club in January 2019. Their green was re-constructed a few years ago and was planted with new grass (I can’t name the grass to protect the name of my client). It was pretty well done however, along the way, the superintendent left and maintenance slipped into its old habits and the quality of the greens dropped.

It was easy for me to bring the quality up because of the combination of supportive management, a good maintenance team and understanding members of the club.

I managed to turn around the health of the grass and raise the greenspeed within a month.

turf in one month

The grass on the left is mid-February 2019 while on the right is one month later.

greenspeed comparison 2019 Jan to Mac
I admit the greenspeed in March is not perfect and is a work in progress. My target is slowest green at 8.5 while fastest is at 9.5. Let me point out we achieved that on the first Nine but some greens got away from us on the second NIne.

I did not add any ‘special’ fertiliser or chemical or PGR and the roller has been out of order for MONTHS (no kidding).

if you want to improve your club’s greens like these; contact me. Why be average?

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