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Greens Improvement

Posted by mynormas on April 29, 2013


This is green 18 at Kinrara Golf Club. It usually doesn’t look like this.

Most golfers in the Klang Valley would know Kinrara as an average golf course with less than average greens. So its a bit of a surprise to see their greens a lush green colour for almost a month now.
When asked, the Superintendent, En Bakri Zainal attributes it to a few factors:
1. The change in fertilizer.  Ironically, he’s using a cheaper one.
2. Using coarser sand. For the past few months he has been using 10 mesh sand for routine topdressing and during aeration. Its much coarser than his usual practice.
3. A programme of regular application of humic acid. The “Essential”kind, I’m told.
4. Regular twice-a-year aeration with hollow tines.
5. A dose of Calcium Carbonate during the latest round of aeration.
6. Tender loving care.

Well, lets congratulate him and thank you for the info En Bakri!


6 Responses to “Greens Improvement”

  1. awang alifah said

    mcm dalam gambar ni atau padang golf yang pernah saya bermain.. kawasan green tu betul betul hijau. cantik. tapi pernah saya lihat pertandingan golf kat tv.. green dia seakan akan menghampiri warna coklat. ada ke rumput warna coklat?


    • mynormas said

      Rumput tu biasanya hijau. But musim luruh dan sejuk rumput akan jadi dormant dan mula jadi coklat.
      Wallahualam. Org British biasanya tak colour kan rumput, mereka biar se ada nya. Kalau orang US mereka biasanya akan guna colourant to bagi rumput hijau.


  2. awang alifah said

    apa jenis mesin rumput utk green yang paling murah


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