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Serangoon in Royal Pahang GC

Posted by mynormas on May 2, 2012

Right after I finished my talk at MGA’s Roundtable Discussion and Seminar in Royal Pahang Golf Club, the Course Supt; En. Ishairol Ismail met me and wondered if I have the time to pay his course a visit “But don’t expect too much lah” he said. I told him I’m free for the rest of the day and no, I don’t mind at all; in fact, I’d look forward to it.

I must say that the greens are in very good condition. As I was standing on his 10th green which was near the sea, I was thinking to myself ‘pretty good green; smooth surface, good cover etc but I wonder why it is light green in color. I’ve never seen good Tifdwarf greens in this shade of color before’. I was taken aback when he told me it was Serangoon. I have seen Serangoon before and in general, they are a bit more thick and big-leaved compared to most Tifdwarf. But not the ones there: the leaves are fine, the green is smooth and has pretty good cover. His greens would put many Klang Valley golf course greens to shame.

And that is not the only surprising fact. When he told me how much he spent a year on maintaining his golf course; I was very surprised. It was less than what some clubs in Klang Valley would spend in 3-4 months! Hell, it is less than what I used to spent in one club previously in 1 month! That would have some effect too though. I gave him some tips on how to speed up the greens (not that they’re slow) but I doubt he can afford plant growth regulator or greens brushes on his current budget (no offence intended Hairol) .

One feature of Serangoon green is that it has a small margin of error. Example; too much or too little of fertilizer and it would affect the grass. Going round with En. Ishairol, it is evident to me that he knows his golf course intimately (not sure whether that is the right description but you know what I mean) and can specify what each individual green needs or don’t want. And that; ladies and gentlemen is the hallmark of a good superintendent.

I say again; Serangoon has a place in Malaysian golf courses. You dont agree with me? Check out Kelab Golf Diraja Pahang near Kuantan in the east coast of Malaysia. They will be hosting the golf part of SUKMA games in July 2012. It is better than going there now because admittedly, the golf course is a bit messy due to upgrading works being carried out on fairways, irrigation and drainage among others.They have to finish work and tidy up by June.

ImageI forgot to bring my camera. I only had my old phone and perhaps it would not show the true colours. But it’ll have to do.

I should also add, because En. Hairol stressed this fact many times, that his management and committee has been supportive of him and his work on the golf course. That too is another common trait of a good golf course.

I’d like to wish En. Ishairol, En Jaafari the Captain, the vice-captain and Royal Pahang Golf Club in general the best of luck in the coming SUKMA event and in future.

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