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Waktu membaja

Posted by mynormas on January 7, 2011

Bila nak baja?

Pagi atau petang elok.  Tengahari; orang panas, rumput pun panas.  Pastikan disiram dengan elok lepas baja. Tolong jangan baja sebelum hujan. Kita nak baja rumput, bukan  parit.

2 Responses to “Waktu membaja”

  1. ram said

    I have planted ‘pearl grass’ in my garden. It is 2 years old now. My garden gets full sunlight everyday. I water the grass daily, but brown patches appear. What fertiliser should i use? pls advise me


    • mynormas said

      Pearlgrass loves shaded areas. It cannot withstand full sun for too many days without water but at the same time, it also cannot stand too much water. I used to have a healthy row of Pearlgrass areas below my clubhouse. Then one day I noticed that a dead patch. And the patch gets bigger. It took me a couple of weeks to figure out that there was a leaking gutter above it that was wetting the patches and causing disease and eventual death.

      I doubt fertilizer will solve the problem. Anyway use organic fertilizer like you can find in hypermarkets or hardware store. Find those with N:P:K not more than 8:8:8. Pearlgrass and Cowgrass don’t need much fertilizer. Once a year is enough.

      Check the amount of water. It could be water from around the area (leaking gutter, overflowing drains, more rains than you can remember in the past two years, new maid etc) or it could be water from below (hard pan, too much people walking or playing causing compaction so water won’t penetrate etc)

      Act accordingly for the first problems (or pray for less rain) and for the second set of problems; you may need to make some changes in location people walk, or start poking into the ground with a sharp object about two inches into the ground.

      Selamat mencuba!


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