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How much sand to topdress?

Posted by mynormas on February 27, 2011

I’ve heard it both ways. I’ve seen people topdress so much that the grass cannot be seen and I’ve seen people topdress so little you could barely see the sand.the 'layering effect'

My opinion is somewhere in the middle for normal routine topdressing and topdressing after aeration. If I were to topdress prior to a major tournament, then I would get my spinner out for topdressing.

Heavy topdressing has the potential to create a layering effect

Topdress yang terlalu tebal boleh menyebabkan ‘layering’ atau lapisan iaitu pasir yang tebal menjadi satu lapisan baru dan membenam mat atau thatch ke bawah. Lebih merbahaya lagi jika pasir yang digunakan mempunyai saiz ketulan yang lebih halus dari tanah sekarang.

What is more important is to make the topdressing even.

Apa yang lebih penting ialah membuat topdressing rata.

too heavy

heavy topdress

light topdress



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