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Vacancy: Golf Course Superintendent

Posted by mynormas on December 2, 2011

There is a vacancy for a Course Superintendent post in a Klang Valley golf course. For those who are interested, please send me your resume and, in your email or as cover letter, mention, in not more than 100 words about why you should be The Chosen One.
Please don’t ask me which golf course it is and don’t tell me your guesses or show me that you know which one – I will respect you anyway. If you think you want to take a challenge, or leave your current job or, what the hell, see how much you are worth; why not give it a try? The figure that they mentioned to me was five-figure but my question is: is the applicant worth it?
Go ahead, you can tell your other friends too.

Gambar hiasan/File pic. Nothing to do with the vacancy. But yeah, maybe something to do with the job.


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