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How a consultant can help

Posted by mynormas on March 10, 2011

Whether you are managing a golf club, golf course, football field, stadiums or even municipalities; You should think of hiring a consultant. Reasons:

  • A consultant is able to provide an independent third-party opinion when there is a dispute between two parties, or to provide an independent second opinion when a difficult decision needs to be made.
  • A consultant is someone who is able to bring a wide range of experience to tackle the problems that any golf course would face. He is able to help the golf course to find the solution within its means.
  • A consultant is able to see what the current management has grown used to. He/she will see the same thing from a different perspective.
  • A consultant is someone who can assist the golf course to set up schedules, programs and implement its routine maintenance practices.
  • He or she is well- versed in the latest technologies in golf course maintenance practices or someone not afraid to experiment and try out new techniques or materials that is suited to a particular club.
  • Your consultant should be someone who knows the local weather, the work culture and understands the prior or prevailing conditions of local golf courses.
  • The consultant is not someone who is after the job of the golf course superintendent, but is someone who can/will train the superintendent and his (or her) staff to do a better job.
  • He/she is someone who can work together with your team to achieve a common goal within set boundaries.
  • The consultant is not someone with an ulterior motive of pushing certain products or equipment to you even if you do not need it.
  • And most important of all, hire a consultant not only because of the years of experience due to his age or because of his report-writing skills or his ability to talk in technical terms with a slang; hire a consultant with a known track record you can verify and someone well known in the industry.

You are in luck. I meet all the above criteria…  and more.


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