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Tractor mounted mower

Posted by mynormas on March 7, 2011

Having an expensive 5-gang mower is nice. But for those of us in parts of Malaysia that are far from KL and with limited budget; may I suggest using tractor towed or tractor mounted mowers instead? Almost any mechanic can repair a tractor and spare parts are easier to find – and keep.

Unfortunately this option is limited to fairway, rough and open fields mowers only. You can’t mow greens and tees with tractors – and with a high center of gravity, mowing slopes would be difficult. Not impossible, just difficult.

Consider too that a tractor can be utilized for other works when not mowing; for example towing a trailer or even a sprayer.

Of course, I would advise getting the same brand and/or same model of tractors. I have seen golf courses haaving few brands/models. It would defeat the purpose of standardizing training, spare parts and – dare I say it – cannibalizing of parts.

Should you get a big tractor or a mini tractor? As long as it is not a huge tractor that will off-set the savings benefit compared to a 5-gang mower, it does not matter so much though I would insist that it is a four-wheel drive tractor – whatever the size. It stops from wheel slippage on slopes and wet areas and ensure you get the most of  your tractor whatever the weather.

The cut is pretty good and you can still get stripes.

Cutting height: about 15 - 17mm.

I’ve also seen another advantage of these rotary mowers on tractors as fairway/rough mowers: they can cut Lovegrass or Buffalograss flowers that a reel mower would simply roll over. One golf course had to deploy three workers with brush cutters just to cut these flowers!

Huge tractor - sure to create ruts.


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