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I came in Mar and by Aug, this is what this and other greens look like.

I started consulting for this rural Malaysian golf course in Mar and by Aug 2013, this is what the greens on the golf course look like. They have 10 staff and spend about RM30,000 a month on upkeep of the WHOLE club.

My name is Normas Yakin, I am a Malaysian and my expertise is turfgrass. Whether on a golf course, a football field, landscaping or at home; I can be the solution to your turfgrass problems. With over 20 years experience in managing golf courses and golf clubs I also do training for staff whether as spraying or application technicians or even for machine operators. I have even done training for golf club developers.

I work free-lance, which means I am not directly affiliated with any suppliers. So before you decide to spend your money on expensive machinery, chemicals or reconstruction work, it may be a good idea to have a third party opinion first. I can help you plan your purchases or I can help you plan your renovation. Or I  can help you work on both plans. I have the experience.

I’d also like to point out that it can also work the other way round; you can ask your regular supplier that you have been loyal to over the years to, to pay for your consultant – perhaps with the caveat that the consultant must recommend their products, if available and applicable. 

This website is designed to be a reference point for Malaysian turfgrass or field issues. It can be the place for discussion or a source for information.   

Call me at o3 5II 3353. And let it ring, it will be transferred to a mobile phone if no one picks up at the office

Call me at o3 5121 oo66. And let it ring, it will be transferred to a mobile phone if no one picks up at the office

Contact him at (replacing the AT with @ of course). Or call o3 5131oo66

Nama saya Normas Yakin dan kepakaran saya ialah penjagaan rumput hiasan. Samada di padang golf, padang bola, sebahagian dari lanskap hiasan ataupun di kawasan rumah, saya boleh menjadi sebahagian dari penyelesaian masalah rumput anda. Dengan pengalaman 20 tahun dalam bidang pengurusan padang dan kelab golf saya juga mampu mengendalikan latihan dan seminar untuk pekerja, samada di padang ataupun untuk pekerja di kelab. Samada untuk orang yang menyembur racun, menabur baja, pengendali mesin ataupun pengurus, saya mampu melatih mereka.

Saya adalah seorang yang bersifat ‘free-lance’ dan tidak terikat dengan mana-mana supplier. Saya percaya untuk memberi anda spesifikasi untuk anda mencari sendiri apa yang anda perlukan dan membuat rundingan sendiri dengan pembekal.

Jadi, sebelum anda kosongkan poket anda dan membeli peralatan atau bahan yang mahal atau melakukan rombakan padang, mungkin lebih baik anda dapatkan khidmat nasihat dari pihak ketiga dahulu. Saya boleh membantu anda merancang pembelian dan merancang penambah-baikkan. Atau saya boleh membantu anda membuat perancangan; saya punya pengalaman yang berkaitan.

Di masa yang sama, laman web ini merupakan laman web untuk rujukan kepada penggemar rumput hiasan dari Malaysia. Maklumat di kongsi bersama untuk kebaikkan bersama.

Jika anda mencari seorang consultant untuk padang rumput anda; dia lah orangnya. Hubungi nya di atau Gantikan AT dengan @. Ataupun hubungi o3 5131 oo66

This site writes in the English language too. We do try to keep up with the new stuff that comes up in the industry, but if we miss any, that’s what the blog is for, go ahead and keep us and the other readers informed.

If you are looking for a golf course or stadium or turfgrass consultant; look for our man and you can contact him at or

I teach the finer aspects of golf club or football field management too.

I teach the finer aspects of golf club or football field management too.

I train golf course and football field staff

I train golf course and football field staff


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