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Vacancy: Golf & Sports

Posted by mynormas on May 17, 2012

A golf  club in north Malaysia is looking for a suitably experienced person to  be their Golf and Sports  Coordinator.
The person must be able to work independently with minimum  supervision. Must be able to handle daily golf traffic and tournaments. Which means must know how to organize and do scoring too. Never mind the job  title, the remuneration will commensurate with the experience and ability. In plain English, if you are good, they are willing to pay well. So take out your old resume now, update it, write a glowing cover letter with a little hint of a$$-kissing (what? I do it all the time)  and  send it to Good lllluuck! !@#$%^&* its so diffiicult to type  on this  stupid  smmart  phone. I aint fixing those typos no mmore.

Sebuah kkeelaaab di utara Malaysia sedang mencari  oraang untuk mengisii kekoosongan jawatan Golf and Club  Coordinator. Orang nya mesti mampu haandle daaily dan jugak tourrnament. Sorry laah  kallau baanyaak spellin.g mmiistakke. Mangkkuk punya smarrtphone. Dah pukul dua pagi pun…
Tak usah lah terlalu pikir tentang nama jawatan, saya  diberiiitaahu mereka sanggup ‘nego’ gaaji jiika bersesuaian dengan pengaaallaman. Updaaate resume.anda dan hantarr kkke Jiikaa aanda  budakkk baruu  belllajaar, beerrrhenti kkeejap jolok cemppedak luar paagar ttu dcan cuuba  jugak tuulis  resume mengaancam serta cover lettter baikk punya  dan try  naasiib. Busukk busuk pun you practice buuat resume, or pracctticee intervieew skkillls. Siapa tahu rezeki?

Selamat   mencuba!

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